We carefully choose our ingredients from trusted suppliers. We made our products following nature and environment.

Tradition and technology

In our laboratories we establish technological excellence with traditional recipes made with care and attention like our grandparents did.


The quality of our products is based on control of raw materials and long familiar tradition.

Good as in Pizzeria

We call it “the recipe of goodness”. It’s a mix of experience, passion, love for taste, tradition, ingredients that we use for preparation of our pizza.

Tasting it, you will find out a crisp dough outside and a soft one inside, rigorously with natural leaving, and delicious filling of tomato and stringy mozzarella.

All raw materials are 100% italian and we use them following tradition, just like you would!

Our range of baked products include focaccias, pizzette, baking pan pizza and fiadoni abruzzesi too. It’s about realizations that express the best of italian culinary craftsmanship, obtained paying attention to all the fases of the productive process in order to give value to the best raw materials that nature can offer.

A history about quality

It all began from the oven of grandfather Donato. Love for bakery has brought us to extend our horizons transforming us into a modern company able to conquer the taste of the whole Italy.

Our history is about  passion, care, roots but also about innovation and constant research.

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